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    PROVideos4djs.com is a video editing service. We provide DJs with professional video edits for nightclubs, bars and mobile DJs.
    All of our videos are MP4 format Standard Definition, 640x360 and 640x480 for the old videos and 1280x720 for High Definition videos. They are all Serato and Virtual DJ ready, including info like Song Name, Artist, BPM, Cue Points and Key (by Mixed In Key).


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    Credit Memberships
    $34.90 /// 1 Month 200 Cumulative / Rollover Credits
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    $89.90 /// 6 Months 1200 Cumulative / Rollover Credits

    Unlimited Downloads Membership

    $49.90 /// 2 Months with unlimited downloads
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    For memberships of 2 or 3 months with unlimited downloads, we ask to have at least 4 months in a row as a regular user.
    You must have been paying for at least 4 months in a row.
    This is only necessary for the mentioned memberships, 2 and 3 months with unlimited downloads.

    Extra Credits

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    IMPORTANT: 1 Credit = 1 Download. All the different versions from the same video will count as 1 credit less.
    If you click the download button and then you cancel the download, you will have 1 credit less.
    In all our memberships we have a limit of 3 downloads for the same video.
    If you reach this limit you can contact us and we will rest the video for you.

    Important Note: The Material acquired on this site is for personal use only.
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    You don't need to cancel. We do not work with automatic payments. You will have to renew every time your account is expired.

    Refund Policy:

    You can return your purchase withing the first 5 days for a full refund as long as the account hasn't been used


    Single: Original Version, Radio Edit or Album Version.

    Intro: Extended Version. 8 Bars or 16 Bars Intro depending on the genre.

    Short: 2 Verses or more for Pop and Urban Music. 2 Breakdowns or more in EDM Tracks. Also 8 Bars or 16 Bars Intro. Short edit can be also some bars less between the drop and the next breakdown.

    QH: Quit Hitter edit, 1 verse only for Pop and Urban Music. 1 Breakdown only in EDM Tracks. Also 8 Bars or 16 Bars Intro.

    Our Acapella Terminology

    Single: The full length of the acapella.

    Short: 2 Verses or more.

    QH: Quit Hitter edit, 1 verse only.

    ACA: Acapella Loop, it could be only the chourus or just a loop of a part of the song.

    For Audio:

    Download Red Button: Dirty Versions. Uncensored Versions.
    Download Gray Button: Clean Versions. Censored Versions.

    For Video:

    XXX: Uncensored Videos. Could contain Graphic Images.

    Important: If you note that there is a mistake in any version we would appreciate if you send us an email to contact@provideos4djs.com and we will be happy to fix it.